Creation Written by Milda

Content creation internally can become a headache for everyone. Therefore this Space will consist of information about content creation. What means, that I will provide you with tips on how to motivate your team to create content on our knowledge sharing platform.

Force shall be within you

Written by Milda

You think that all of those water cooler chats seem informative, therefore it should be easy for all of your teammates to create content? Sorry to dissapoint, but this assumption is wrong.

To voice or perform knowledge is something different than writing it down.

Hence forcing your team to write might not lead to the greatest result.

When one has a difficult time producing content, it might be perceived as chores (and we all know that no one likes chores). Rather than forcing content creation upton everyone at once, take some time to have conversations with your teammates separately. Help with envisioning the best ways of collaboration and contribution.

Don't judge, empower!

Any contribution

Written by Milda

All Aboard? Now you have to brainstorm as many ways of contribution possible;

  • Some people might love writing. Let them write their pieces alone, structure and the rest is in their own hands for that period of time. Afterwards, break up the writing process and allow the rest of the team to get at it! Questions and communication should be present in this stage.

  • Others like making little visual presentations. From PPT to videos. Allow this option as well (don't worry we support beautiful content).

  • Add contributors; after one is done with materialising its informational bundle encourage collaboration. If you have teammates, who have similar interests or branches of expertise don't miss the change of getting the best out of it!

  • Engage the outsiders; this one might be a bit tricky, but engage with the external world to extract bits of information, which can trigger your team to create content.


Written by Milda

People take quite a while when getting used to new things. Therefore, try to make an organised process while creating content. Make mini assesment or evaluation habbits so the rest of the teammates could compare their content creation process to yours.

Follow-up process:

  • Stand-up is a great way to motivate your team and structure their performance. Stand-ups make teammwork superfluous, what is more, it allows everyone to hear what each team memeber is working on. Therefore, people can anchor their performance.

  • Start comparison in the raugh draft stage. It might help your teammates with understanding what is neccessary to cover on certain topics, while creating content.

  • Take breaks and inspire people throught different topics. Here's an example of how to inpire people during Lunch Break.

Eyes on the Prize

Written by Milda

Before raising your expectations high, share your desired goals and outcomes. People, who are not too familiar with e-learning or social learning culture will not jump on the wagon that quickly.

Give your teammates time, but be clear on your vision. Don't let the rest hit the snooze button and head back to their 'normal' office life.

Everything becomes more interesting, when interconnectedness and team development is one of the main goals of your organisational.

Show that people and their expertise matter!